D.C.-based Nonprofit Melwood Selects Unanet for ERP Solutions

D.C.-based Nonprofit Melwood Selects Unanet for ERP Solutions

February 24, 2021Unanet, the leading SaaS project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, was chosen by Melwood, Inc., a D.C.-area nonprofit and one of the largest employers of people of differing abilities in the country, as its project-based ERP provider. Unanet will enable Melwood to efficiently manage projects and other operations so it can continue its mission of helping train, employ and empower people with differing abilities.

As a nonprofit that receives federal funding, Melwood will leverage Unanet’s ERP for a variety of important compliance functions including DCAA Compliance and SCA/CBA labor costing. Additionally, the organization will leverage Unanet’s contract management, finance and inventory functions, among others.

Additionally, a critical component of Melwood’s decision to work with Unanet was the software’s ability to integrate with the nonprofit’s timekeeping software through Unanet Connect, the industry’s first and only open ERP integration platform. Melwood employees frequently rely on punch clocks for timekeeping, rather than complex web or mobile applications, and by integrating Unanet with Melwood’s existing timekeeping functions, Melwood can easily maintain its existing procedures while more efficiently managing the outcomes.

Another reason Melwood chose Unanet is for its attentive and professional service team, which took the time to truly understand Melwood’s needs and tailor a solution that worked for their unique and specific operations.

According to Greg Arteen, Melwood’s Vice President of the Information Systems Group, “With so many of our team members working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19, it was important to us that we streamline our processes without disrupting the normal course of business in order to help our employees stay focused on what matters – keeping our federal workforce safe by providing them clean and sanitized workspaces so they continue doing the work of the nation.”

“Melwood’s mission is extraordinary and it’s gratifying that Unanet’s ERP solution was chosen to help further their important work,” said Craig Halliday, CEO, Unanet. “We are the alternative to the status quo in ERP technology, and to impersonal service. For us, it’s rewarding beyond measure to have such an esteemed and important organization select Unanet as its ERP partner.”

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