Unanet Releases New ERP Capabilities to Help GovCons Manage Subcontractors and Increase Analytics Insights

Unanet’s new ERP capabilites will help GovCons understand their businesses more thoroughly through increased analytics and help them simplify subcontractor management.

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Dulles, VA, Oct. 06, 2020 – Unanet, the leading SaaS project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, today released new features of its industry-leading technology that will help U.S. government contractors (GovCons) understand their businesses more thoroughly through increased analytics and help them simplify subcontractor management. The new features further deliver on Unanet’s promise to invest in and expand its award-winning ERP solutions so all customers continue to have best-in-breed technology to help them run their businesses more efficiently, transparently and cost-effectively.

Today Unanet unveiled these major new capabilities:

  • Analytics+ – Adding to the Q3 release of enhanced analytics capabilities, all cloud customers will gain new visual-based reporting that helps them solve business challenges and increase business intelligence throughout Q4. Analytics+ integrates seamlessly into Unanet’s ERP for real-time data insight, and ease-of-use with existing interfaces. Analytics+ provides Express View Reports, Out-of-the-Box Reporting, and 1034 Pixel Perfect Template. Unanet customers can also take advantage of Studio Analytics for Advanced Pixel Perfect Templates, Custom Reports and Dashboards, and more.
  • Subcontractor Portal – Unanet’s cloud-based financial customers now have a best-in-class tool to simplify the on-boarding process for subcontractors, minimize time and expense exchanges, and streamline processes and communication with subcontractors. These tools enable customers to shorten time-to-cash, reduce manual processes, decrease accruals, and improve many other financial and business functions.
  • Hours-based Accruals – Organizations that have hourly employees will now have leave accrued by hours work done all within Unanet, reducing errors, saving manual work, and improving speed and accuracy.

“GovCons are under increasing pressure to operate efficiently, and with the latest in compliance, cybersecurity and technology,” said Kim Koster, vice president of GovCon Strategy for Unanet. “We’re constantly enhancing our purpose-built ERP so GovCons can stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving requirements and keep their businesses running smoothly, effectively and with the peace-of-mind the attentive Unanet team delivers.”

In 2020, Unanet has delivered four major product releases, giving customers a regular cadence of enhancements and upgrades, without long waiting periods. As customers communicate to Unanet their latest needs and requirements, and as the regulations are drawn up, Unanet immediately works to build best-in-class tools so customers can be assured their ERP is always effective and productive. Unlike some ERP providers, Unanet builds each feature specifically to work with and enhance the existing ERP platform, so customers have a seamless, integrated function.

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