With New Logo and Brand Refresh, Unanet Shows How Information Means Insight

With New Logo and Brand Refresh, Unanet Shows How Information Means Insight

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We’ve got exciting news to share today. Unanet is refreshing our look. As we continue to innovate and grow, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, 

what we believe in and where we’re headed.

The overarching goal of the refresh is to ensure we com

municate our unwavering commitment to our customers and our continued laser-like focus on building efficient and innovative technology purposefully designed with customers’ needs in mind.

Of all the attributes that Unanet embodies, customer-centric and purpose-built are the ones customers value the most. From software design to new features, everything we do is purposefully geared to the specific needs of professional service companies and based on direct customer feedback.

Customers have always been the inspiration behind what we do. Unanet is known for being easy to work with, helpful and willing to take the time to offer insightfully tailored solutions for our customers. Customers value our capacity for empathy and our willingness to go the extra mile as evidenced by our high customer satisfaction levels among users and leadership alike.

Our brand personality will always be, first and foremost, a trusted advisor allied with our customers. Our refreshed brand tells that story. We are Unanet, with our own caring personality, confident values, innovative spirit and of course, our purpose-built ERP software with modern architecture and functionality that is built with decades of deep industry expertise. That’s who we are and that sets us apart from our competitors.

The Unanet trimark represents not only the coming together of projects, people and financials in a single unified solution, but the integration of data and information that when blended together, overlap perfectly in the center to show Insights. The roundness of the U and N in the logo also reflects being established but approachable.

We maintained our Unanet green with a slight brightening to convey energy. Our new typeface conveys a combination of established charisma and character.

Ultimately, the logo and trimark express our mission of helping customers collect disparate information, organize it and analyze it to gain valuable insights. This idea is also captured in our new tagline – Where Information Means Insight. We know you need confidence in your decision-making and that you need accurate, real-time data from a centralized source to give you 20/20 clarity on your projects, people and financials.

Over the coming months you will see other new elements aligning around this new direction, on the website, in our advertising and in our product. A brand refresh is one of many new developments that Unanet has in store in 2020. Stay tuned for additional announcements regarding products, improvements and much more. We are very excited for the future and thank our customers, partners and friends for experiencing it with us.