Isn’t it Time Your Firm Started Using Best-in-Class Payroll with a Modern ERP?

Unanet users, say goodbye to the headaches and wasted hours that often accompany a lack of integration between your firm’s ERP and preferred payroll system.

Unanet features payroll integration with Paylocity, Proliant, and TriNet, a trio of best-in-class cloud-based systems for managing payroll and other key HR functions. This seamless integration enables up-to-the-second payroll information, along with key employee demographic data and processed payroll/general ledger data, to flow in real time across your firm.

The integrations with Paylocity, Proliant, and TriNet will move the needle for firms in several important ways:

  • Streamlined payroll processing and employee management eliminates the time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone process of maintaining employee information in multiple systems. Whoever wears the payroll hat in your firm, whether it’s HR or accounting, will appreciate having a simplified, integrated and ultimately less time-intensive process. Utilizing the power of automated payroll workflows increases efficiency and accuracy.
  • Time savings free employees for the higher-value work that drives your business forward. Without the burden of redundant data entry and long hours spent reconciling disparate systems, your HR people can focus on more pressing priorities like attracting and retaining talent and improving the employee experience.
  • Data sync. Full integration ensures data integrity at all times and enables data to flow seamlessly and bi-directionally — a 360º sync. It gives firms and their HR departments a single version of the truth on which to base decisions.
  • Peace of mind. Full payroll integration enables you to securely and confidently run payroll and provide your staff with a best-in-class experience from a trusted payroll vendor.

Here at Unanet, we’re constantly striving to provide our customers with seamless integrations that automate and streamline critical business processes. To that end, we expect our roster of integration partners to grow in the ongoing quest to make business functions like payroll less of a headache and provide our customers with new ways to capture efficiencies inside their business.

To learn more about Unanet A/E’s payroll integration features and what they can do for your business, click here.

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by Lucas Hayden

Sep 17, 2020