Our engine now runs even better.

We overhauled our entire system in upgrading our SQL Server – all within the blink of an eye, and with no disruption to our customers.

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When you invest in a software platform to drive your firm forward, this guiding principal should simplify the partnership each side enters: do the right thing – one of the core values that Unanet embodies for each other, Unanet CRM by Cosential, and our customers. That’s why it should come as no shock that over the past weekend we overhauled our entire system in upgrading our SQL Server – all within the blink of an eye, and with no disruption to our customers 

What’s happening below the surface matters. 

You can’t always see enhancements or upgrades made to infrastructure – but I promise you will be able to feel themThe decision to upgrade our infrastructure aimed to make us even more secure and up-level our reliability in a proactive manner.  

This milestone is an important moment to celebrate. 

It enables us. Upgrading Unanet CRM’s infrastructure means improved database performance and better data insights – which allows us to make product decisions faster and ultimately pass those benefits directly to our customers.  

It protects you. Unanet just proactively improved the reliability and security of the platform you run your business onThis SQL provides a powerful level of encryption and dynamic data masking that clamps down at even the sheer possibility of an intruder benefiting from any type of breach.  

Better Performance meets best-in-class security: underneath the hood, Unanet CRM for AEC now has a much better engine, and we’re excited for the continued path of innovation this will have us pave with the best in the AEC industry.