Latest Enhancements to Unanet A/E Driven By Customer Feedback, Requests

These upgrades position Unanet A/E as the most customer-focused ERP provider in the industry.

This week Unanet A/E released a new set of features that give A/E firms enhanced usability, new functionality and increased visibility into their project lifecycles and businesses. The most important part of these latest features is the fact that each and every one was designed specifically in response to customer feedback and communication.

Unanet invites a two-way dialog with its customers to ensure they have the functionality they need to run their businesses. One unique way we are committing to customer engagement is by the launch of an upgraded customer suggestions portal enabling faster feedback loops to development teams to meet the needs of the customer community more quickly. Customers will benefit from real-time status updates on their suggestions and new unlimited customer voting.

These upgrades position Unanet A/E as the most customer-focused ERP provider in the industry, driving project performance with full visibility to the status of A/E projects in real-time, all the time, from any device.

Unanet Pay is one of the industry’s most innovative features built on a robust ERP. With Unanet Pay, A/E firms can automate and optimize invoicing, online payments and collections, accelerate AR resolutions and drive business growth. New fee functionalities allow customers to share the cost of merchant fees with their payers and provides flexible setup allowing label overrides for better customer presentation. Fees can be applied after a set number of days, based on percentage, and tailored to meet requirements on a client, project or invoice basis.

Project Central enhancements provide project managers with clear insights to their projects with many new capabilities: an interactive project list view, flags based on personalized project performance criteria, customized aggregation, dynamic project search, and tailored row coloring for easier grid views.

The Unanet A/E desktop user experience is a modern redesign of the user interface styling that offers updated look and feel for more intuitive workflow, a redesigned login screen for consistent experience throughout the application, and updated grids for better visibility and usability.

To learn more details about Unanet A/E’s new release please visit Unanet A/E 2021.3 Release Notes (login required).