How ERP Software Drives Business Forward in the Era of Remote Work

As executives fight to maintain efficiency in the remote-working environment driven by the COVID-19 crisis, one thing is becoming clearer: silos of information are a significant hindrance to business, particularly in this environment. Business leaders are increasingly worried about maintaining collaboration and visibility in their organizations.

ERP tools help enable that collaboration and visibility that businesses need, so there is one primary repository of up-to-date, meaningful information.

Stacy Critzer, Unanet’s Chief Human Resources Officer, and Kim Koster, GovCon Expert and Unanet’s Vice President of Product Marketing, wrote an insightful article for Strategic HR Review about how ERP software fits into the context of the current remote work climate and how to banish silos, maximize resources, and improve outcomes.

In the article, Kim and Stacy also review a case study of a healthcare operation in New York City that has been able to eliminate silos and enable collaboration even in the wake of COVID-19, a shining example of what other organizations can achieve.

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by Kim Koster

Sep 17, 2020

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