Latest ERP Updates for GovCons Deliver New Mobile Capabilities, Fixed Asset Tracking and SCA Support

Enhanced mobile capabilities that enable government contractors to track information, submit timesheets and expenses from anywhere.

GovCons have told us they are on the go and working from remote locations more and more, so they need enhanced mobile capabilities that enable them to track information, submit timesheets and expenses from anywhere. They’ve also told us that enhancements to the finance and accounting modules will give them an even more refined and elegant way to conduct some of their day-to-day business.

It’s with these customer requests in mind that we delivered the latest features and functionalities to Unanet’s project-based ERP.

For GovCons, Unanet’s new release delivers three primary enhancements: Mobile Time & Expense capabilities, Fixed Assets tracking, and Service Contract support.

A new Mobile application allows busy GovCon professionals to input time and expense on their own devices anywhere, anytime, making expense input easy. Supervisors will also be able to approve their employees’ timecards and expense reports from their own mobile devices. Unanet’s mobile applications are high-rated and user-friendly, giving customers best-in-class capabilities. Future improvements include data capture directly from scanned receipts, enabling users to create an expense item in under 30 seconds.

A new native Fixed Asset tracking and depreciation solution that calculates and records depreciation expenses to the general ledger, tracks asset in-service dates and locations and records disposals to complete the asset lifecycle. Unanet’s reports and its unique dashboard make the tool more intuitive and user-friendly than any other on the market.

The Service Contract Act (SCA) requires GovCons have the ability to comply with the wage determination in their contracts. Offering advanced SCA support, Unanet will now automatically calculate the correct costs for export to their payroll system, including pay in lieu of benefits. Additionally, complete wage determinations history for each contract is available to support Department of Labor audits.

This is the second major release from Unanet for its GovCon platforms this year, further underscoring our commitment to innovating and enhancing our software to ensure GovCon customers have the latest technology to meet their ever-changing needs.

Unanet is committed to being a trusted counselor and knowledgeable expert to help GovCons navigate increasing change and complexity in their industries, through insightful, simplified project and financials management, contract management, invoicing, timekeeping, security compliance and more.