Keep your eye on the bottom line in real time

Are you confident in the status of your transactions? Are you able to plan ahead with accurate revenue and utilization forecasting? Automate processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and earn revenue faster with Unanet’s purpose-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for GovCons. Unanet’s Financials software includes Project Accounting, cost pools, GL, AR, AP, Billing & Revenue Recognition, Purchasing and more in one centralized, integrated solution.

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Robust financials & accounting in one solution

Increase your financial clarity and confidence by managing all your transactions, costs, and revenue in one single solution. Unanet’s integrated set of capabilities delivers real-time performance management of your projects, people, and financials in one application, eliminating the need for reconciling data between different systems and increasing efficiencies and revenue.

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Managed information

Robust features

Improve efficiency & planning

Subcontractor Portal


  • Totally Integrated, 100% Cloud-based, accessing one database
  • Vendor-independent to fit your technology infrastructure. Cloud or On-Premise
  • Scalable, reliable, available
  • Published data model for external report writers
  • Fits easily in your application architecture

Project accounting insights for greater decision-making

Unlock the advanced power of real-time data for your projects and project accounting. Unanet’s cloud-based ERP for GovCons provides unique and powerful Project Accounting capabilities. Utilize real-time reporting on direct and indirect project costs as well as true costs and forecasts and leverage this information to make optimum decisions about your project portfolio. You can access all this right at your fingertips along with resource requesting and management, project management, timesheet management, expense management, and teamwork collaboration capabilities in one integrated solution.

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Provide managers with true project costs in real time

Revenue & margin


Provide managers with true project costs in real time

  • Calculate project burdened costs (indirect charges)
  • Show direct costs, indirect charges, hours, average labor rate, revenue, and margin on a single report
  • Report by customer, project, or task level
  • See detailed direct charges by labor and ODC cost element
  • Provide new opportunities for project managers to manage performance
  • Manage burn rate using real-time data

Financials: GL, AR, AP, cost pools

Eliminate unproductive time managing transactions and transform the performance of your organization with Unanet Financials. Unanet’s solution offers unique capabilities to project-driven organizations with general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cost pool calculations (allocations) integrated with project management, budgeting and forecasting project accounting, and resource scheduling. Real-time visual insight of both actual and forecasted costs (direct and indirect), margin, and revenue ensures managers have the information needed to make optimized decisions about the project portfolio and resource effectiveness. Unanet also gives firms an easy way to produce the annual Incurred Cost Submission to the government, providing pre-populated reports with all the required data already in the correct ICE model format.



General ledger

Accounts receivable

Accounts payable

Cost pool calculations

General ledger

  • Integrated insight for managers with a single source of truth on projects, people, and financials with no need for reconciliation
  • Full-featured general ledger tightly integrated with existing project capabilities
  • Multi-version budgeting
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Journal Entry supports automatic recurring and reversing entries, document voiding, role-based posting authorization, and attachments
  • Flexible chart of accounts and organization hierarchies require no hard coding
  • Unlimited legal entities, organizations, and cost pools
  • Attachments and comments throughout to support transaction entry
  • Forecast direct and indirect charges and revenues
  • “Know now” with unposted and posted data in the same report to provide real-time insight
  • Improve margins through actionable information based on work in progress

Powerful billing & revenue recognition

Forecast and track revenue across different contract types, shorten invoice cycles, and provide authorized managers with real-time insight with an automated bid-to-bill lifecycle. Unanet’s ERP Project Billing solution provides Invoicing and Revenue Recognition functionality with robust support for Fixed Price, Time and Materials, and Cost Plus contracts. By using the power of a single integrated system to manage the entire services bid-to-bill cycle, you can replace disparate standalone systems, resulting in greater productivity, fewer errors, and lower costs.

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Fixed price schedules

Pre-bill labor


Additional features

Fixed price schedules

  • Create project billing and revenue recognition schedules for Fixed Price items
  • Recognize revenue as “billed” based on percent complete, or on a custom schedule
  • Bill items on task or project completion

Purchasing software

Unanet purchasing software delivers powerful functionality to manage and simplify your buying process, designed to address the specific needs of Government Contractors. With Unanet’s one system, purchasing integrates directly with timekeeping, expense, financials, and billing, saving time and money, and increasing accuracy. Our web-based system makes the process easy and visible from Purchase Requisition (PR), issuance of the Purchase Orders (PO), through to customer invoice. With Unanet’s workflow and approval process, all purchasing transactions can be tracked efficiently and integrated into the project forecasts.

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Time & expense integration




Time & expense integration

  • One integrated system for subcontractor labor and expense collection and billing 
  • Automatically pull in the matched labor and expense transactions into the invoice 
  • 2 and 3-way matching for subcontractors and Other Direct Costs 
  • Commitments decrease as time and expenses are entered in Unanet and vendor invoices 

Multiple Legal Entity Accounting

Unanet GovCon gives companies the ability to make inter-company transactions and indirect pool allocations while maintaining the integrity of the Balance Sheet and P&L. Project Managers have a platform to easily share resources across legal entities with accurate revenue attribution and cost assignment. Unanet’s Multiple Legal Entity (MLE) Accounting is the engine behind these capabilities – and comes standard with all Unanet Financial licenses.



Reduce administrative burden

Streamline project management

Lower accounting costs

Reduce administrative burden

  • Unify charges from different MLEs into one project enterprise
  • Automate revenue and cost transfers between MLEs based on the inter-company agreement
  • Account for inter-company transactions without end-user intervention

Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)

An adequate contractor purchasing system (CPSR) ensures that purchases are made at fair and reasonable prices and in compliance with the applicable contract terms, regulations, and public laws.

download-cloud (2)Download the CPSR white paper

Success story

A cutting edge cyber and IT firm, G2 Ops experienced some growing pains and struggled with compliance concerns for their government contracting business. They needed an ERP system to support their organization while also helping to streamline their operations and ensure compliance. With their single-source solution from Unanet, G2 has automated once-manual tasks and has real-time reporting capabilities.

“With the Automated Analyst tool, we have reduced the number of errors by 27% and we’ve been able to increase bi-weekly labor efficiency by 33%. The Automated Analyst just pointed the way for us. We have decreased overhead burden for data review and validation by 15% since implementing Unanet.”

Matthew Chadwick

Program Project Manager, G2 Ops

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