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Do you face challenges with forecasting and managing your pipeline? Is your customer satisfaction compromised and impacting your win rates? Do you lack confidence in the accuracy of your data to make informed business decisions?

Gain single-source visibility into your projects, people, financials, and pipeline with Unanet ERP for GovCon’s project forecasting and resource management solution. This unified set of capabilities provides improved resource allocation, proactive management, and increased accuracy that keep you aligned with business growth and allow you to plan for the future with the right resources at hand.

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Resource scheduling & skills management

Optimize your critical resources while forecasting future revenues, costs, and planning capacity with Unanet’s complete cloud-based resource planning solution.

Request resources for future workload planning and staffing, define skills and competencies, and search to find the resource which best fits the need based on availability and capability. You can also compare future demands for types of work and for individuals with headcount and capacity.

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Skills management & resource requesting

Plan future work

Graphical & periodic reporting

Skills management & resource requesting

  • Identify organizational skills, certifications, job desires, and other criteria
  • Maintain skills by people or by managers
  • Support a formal and collaborative process for resource requesting and fulfillment
  • Flexible resource management roles to allow for resources to be managed in different styles of matrix organization

“We chose Unanet not only because we were impressed with the powerful resource scheduling capabilities, the scalability, and operational reliability, but because the company nurtured an efficient, collaborative, and rewarding relationship.”

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Human resource management (HRM)

With Unanet’s timekeeping and resource management solution for GovCons, your Human Resource Management teams can focus on talent acquisition and management. All stakeholders will have the powerful resource management they need right at their fingertips to ensure that the resource pool is being managed for optimal execution and success.

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User-friendly and mobile timesheets enable accurate time collection

Know you have the right resources at the right time with the right qualifications

Project status & financial information are available at your fingertips

User-friendly and mobile timesheets enable accurate time collection

  • Fully integrated time and attendance system
  • Enable employees to request time off and see the status of requests
  • Ability for managers to approve the leave
  • PTO Accruals/Leave Balances
  • Timesheet and leave alerts and notifications
  • Mobile Timesheet for 24/7 Access

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