Greater project visibility and decision-making

As your business grows, so does the number of spreadsheets that are created to track project data. Soon, you might find yourself fighting spreadsheet chaos, data silos, and outdated information.

Know exactly where your projects stand in real time and in one single solution with Unanet’s cloud-based project management software for GovCons. Your project management office can gain insight into resource demands through graphical dashboards, Earned Value, Project Portfolio Management, and project costing, and can leverage this information to make strategic decisions across your company’s entire project portfolio.


Supporting the way you need to work

Real-time alerts and collaboration

Power project budgeting and costing

Supporting the way you need to work

  • Create opportunities and projects with flexible business rules
  • Interface with Microsoft Project and other software for interchanging project and task data
  • Constrain budgets/dates at the project, task, and person level
  • Estimate opportunity value to improve company forecasting
  • Lower project management administrative/implementation costs
  • Enable accounting control over the project level and project manager control over the task levels
  • Reduce effort for revenue recognition
  • Review historical project results for future project planning
  • Earned value management ensures on-budget, on-time execution

Executing and managing projects

Many of today’s contractors are stuck with outdated, siloed project information and are facing compliance concerns. In this white paper, we explore how contractors can benefit from an integrated project-based ERP solution that is built for the digital age. You’ll learn how to recognize the signs your organization may be suffering from spreadsheet chaos and how a battle-tested, purpose-built ERP system can contribute to seamless government compliance.

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Budgeting & forecasting

Budget and forecast at the project and organizational level with Unanet’s centralized project capabilities. Build labor and expense budgets based on hours and direct costs “bottom-up.” Easily calculate fringe, overhead, and G&A costs on a periodic basis (fiscal or calendar periods) or using budgets over a period of performance.

Unanet’s budgeting solution offers outstanding reporting with a wide range of detailed and summary reports available, including graphical dashboards and project costing which allow you to see true project costs. Factor in project probability when forecasting labor utilization to identify if and when projects could become under- or over-capacity.

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Supporting the way you way you need to work

Powerful project budgeting & costing

Plan future work

Supporting the way you way you need to work

  • Create opportunities and projects with flexible business rules
  • Manage budgets/dates at the project, task, and person level
  • Plan periodically, using calendar or your own fiscal definitions
  • Streamline project reporting by offering managers insight into the true margin
  • Provide capability for planners and project managers to budget using indirect rates
  • Expedite real-time information and decision-making
  • Achieve effective resource utilization and improved service levels with lower overhead

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