Unanet for Government Contractors

Track Time & Expense


Real-time tracking & budgeting

Do you have a clear view of all the details of your projects and people? Unanet ERP for GovCon is your single source of truth and aligned for your growth. Gain centralized integration and perfect clarity for total confidence in day-to-day reporting as well as forecasting and planning. Unanet software helps you realize the benefits of process automation and grow without adding overhead. Get more for your effort over time; the longer you use it, the deeper the insights.

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Timesheet software

As a government contractor, it’s vital that you use a timekeeping system that identifies employees’ labor by intermediate or final cost objective, especially to meet various compliance standards. Unanet’s web-based timesheet software enables the anytime and anywhere collection of hours and status for tracking project effort and supporting systems for payroll, invoicing, project accounting, chargeback, and job cost accounting. Ease your path to compliance with Unanet, which is recognized as the best GovCon timesheet, supports DCAA requirements, and is proven in organizations ranging from 10 to more than 50,000 users.


Maintain DCAA timekeeping compliance


Automate Processes


Maintain DCAA timekeeping compliance

  • Ensure auditability of time entered for government contractors or other organizations
  • Effortlessly support DCAA compliant timekeeping requirements. Download Unanet DCAA Compliance information to learn more

DCAA Timekeeping & Expense Reporting Requirements

Unanet makes implementation of the DCAA regulations easy and efficient.

Manage people and projects for improved profitability, project performance, compliance to government regulations and reduced costs. Unanet reduces processing costs for timesheets and expense reports by 90%.

download-cloud (2)Download "DCAA Timekeeping and Expense Reporting Requirements"

Robust & integrated expense reporting

Collect employee travel, materials expenses, and requests for expense authorization anytime and anywhere with Unanet’s cloud-based expense reporting software. Automated approval and support for government expense reporting guidelines eliminate administrative effort and increase efficiency.



Ease of use

Support your business processes


  • Enter expense reports easily with detail comments
  • Wizards automate accurate expense entry, including Per Diems by location
  • Enter one expense report for multiple projects
  • See travel and ODC costs integrated with project labor reports in real time

Success story

The Rehancement Group provides world-class management consulting services to public and private sector clients. They had previously used Deltek GCS and then made the switch to Costpoint; however, they found Costpoint to be cumbersome and without the ability to quickly generate reports in real-time hindered their business.

After implementing the Unanet Project Portfolio Financials, the Rehancement Group now has more accurate information sooner, is more agile with access to the reports and data they need, and can close the books more quickly.

“The visibility into all aspects of our business has truly been transformative. We have the data and insight to really drive profit.”

David Baker, President,

The Rehancement Group

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