5 signs it’s time to switch your ERP: A guide for GovCons

Uncover the five critical signs that it's time for GovCons to switch ERPs - and read about a GovCon who made the switch and thrived.

A successful government contractor knows that running a smooth operation hinges on having the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool. However, when your current ERP system isn’t delivering as expected, it may be time to consider a switch.

But how do you determine whether your ERP is delivering? There are signs you can use to know it’s time to pick a tool that works better for you and your team.

Here are five signs that you should switch ERP – and a story about a GovCon who underwent a similar experience and emerged stronger.

What are the warning signs for deciding when to switch your ERP for GovCons?

The right ERP can work wonders for your company. It can help you align and organize your data, introduce a more effective accounting system, manage projects more effectively, and increase your overall efficiency.

The challenge is that you need the right solution for your company and its needs. That means selecting an ERP that is easy to use while giving you the features your team requires. When you pick the wrong one, it can make it even harder to become efficient and deliver results.

As a GovCon, you’ll want to recognize when your ERP system is no longer serving your needs. Here are a few key indicators that it might be time for a change from your current ERP:

1. Operational inefficiency

If your current ERP system is causing delays, errors, or inefficiencies in your daily operations, it may be time to evaluate other options.

2. Lack of scalability

The main thing an ERP should do is help you scale by automating or removing redundant activities – especially tasks like checking for errors or moving data between spreadsheets and other documents. If your system is struggling to keep up with your expanding operations, it's a clear sign you need a more scalable solution.

3. Inadequate support and updates

Technology evolves rapidly. If your ERP provider is slow in rolling out updates or fails to offer sufficient support, it may hamper your business growth and compliance efforts. Make sure your ERP provider has control over their roadmap and if they do not – beware.

4. Poor integration

Your ERP system should effortlessly fit in with other tools and platforms you use. If it can’t, it’s a sign you need a more flexible and comprehensive solution. This is especially true for common tools like spreadsheets, project management tools, and HR software programs. While you transition out of those standalone, highly manual tools, you should still be able to work with your ERP without too many issues.

5. Limited reporting and analytics

In today’s data-driven environment, having access to robust reporting and analytics is essential. If your ERP system falls short in this area, it’s time to look for one that offers advanced data management capabilities. This might be the most obvious sign – if you can’t produce reports quickly and easily in moments instead of days – then it’s time to look for a new ERP partner.

Case study: How Skybridge Tactical successfully switched ERPs

Skybridge Tactical was a GovCon grappling with inefficiencies due to their underperforming ERP. The system's inability to manage resources effectively and maintain proper cost controls was creating significant barriers to their growth. Recognizing the need for change and evaluating its options, the GovCon decided to switch to Unanet.

The decision was the right one. Unanet's robust functionality and user-friendly interface led to a makeover of their business. What could have been a daunting task turned into a seamless transition thanks to Unanet’s dedicated customer success and support teams. Skybridge Tactical saw immediate gains in efficiency and profitability, dramatically improving their business outcomes.

The reason Skybridge Tactical moved away from their old ERP was straightforward: their legacy system did not meet the evolving demands of the competitive GovCon market. They needed an ERP that could keep up with their growing needs. Unanet was the answer.

Key benefits Skybridge Tactical realized from switching

Skybridge Tactical was successful because of its careful selection and implementation processes. Here are the benefits the company observed following the switch:

  • Real-time visibility. The shift to Unanet allowed Skybridge Tactical to gain real-time visibility into project costs and resources. This capability enabled them to anticipate issues before they arose and make data-driven decisions.
  • Enhanced efficiency. The comprehensive functionalities of Unanet streamlined their operations, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.
  • Better cost control. With accurate and timely data, Skybridge Tactical could maintain stringent cost controls, a vital aspect of managing government contracts.

To learn more about how and why Skybridge made a successful ERP switch, read their success story: You Can Take It With You: How a Successful ERP Launch at One GovCon Firm Led to Another at Defense Contractor Skybridge Tactical

The power of the right ERP tool

Skybridge Tactical’s story demonstrates the power of choosing the right ERP tool. As a GovCon, the accuracy and timeliness of your data are invaluable. The right ERP system can enhance your business outcomes.

If you're struggling with an ineffective ERP, reconsidering your system will provide substantial benefits. Whether you pick Unanet or another provider, finding the right ERP for your team can have a powerful effect on your operations. Start with selecting an ERP that is easy to use and delivers the capabilities your GovCon needs. The right ERP shouldn’t introduce more obstacles to your operations – it should make business easy.