GovCons gain Contract Management, Project Central Dashboard, and Unanet Mobile in newest ERP release

Customers gain best-in-class technology while also benefitting from the dedicated service and support Unanet delivers.

2 minute read

Today we unveiled new game-changing features and functions for our ERP platform purpose-built for GovCons. The new capabilities clearly establish Unanet at the forefront of ERP functionality and ease-of-use, giving customers more visibility, analytics, and real-time project management tools than ever before. Customers gain best-in-class technology while also benefitting from the dedicated service and support Unanet delivers.

For GovCons, Unanet’s new release offers three primary enhancements: Contract Management, Project Central Dashboard, and Unanet Mobile.

  • The enhanced Contract Management capabilities enable users to record, track and reconcile a contract’s value and funding by modification, aggregate contracts by customer and project type, and  more. Users can associate a contract with as many projects as needed to account for CLINs, SLINs and Task or delivery orders. Changes are automatically reflected in an automatic audit trail, and reports reflect the latest contract details, information and modifications.
  • The new Project Central Dashboard is an interactive dashboard in Analytics Studio that provides real-time, integrated  project and financial insights. More than 45 different project-based metrics related to revenue, revenue backlog, revenue variance, profitability and many more are presented in graphs and tabular formats, providing detailed, personalized project views for project managers.
  • Unanet Mobile is a new native application that allows users to input time and comments, set push notifications, request leave, and do it all  directly from the mobile device of their choice. The simplicity, along with secure authentication, encourages consistent time input by employees on the go.
  • Powered by Stripe, Unanet Pay is newly available for GovCons and will provide a significant increase in invoicing and payment flexibility resulting in increased efficiencies and improved cash flow. 
  • Inventory Management has features that allow project managers and accountants to view and report on inventory associated with their projects.  While inventory is managed through best-in-class inventory solutions, the integration creates inventory transactions associated to the project and journal entry transactions documenting the inventory flow from acquisition to use.

In recent months, GovCons have been hit with a variety of rule changes, new regulations and industry uncertainty, and 2021 promises to offer a similar roller-coaster ride. All the new features help GovCons have one, consistent and single source of truth for all their business information, and help them gather valuable real-time insight. This helps them accelerate projects, meet deadlines and be profitable.

Unanet is committed to being a trusted counselor and knowledgeable expert to help GovCons navigate increasing change and complexity in their industries, through insightful, simplified project and financials management, contract management, invoicing, timekeeping, security compliance and more.