New Unanet A/E Release Includes Features to Drive Efficiencies for Business Development, HR and Accounting

The software release includes three notable new features and functionalities that are simple to use and immediately impactful.

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A fresh update to Unanet A/E powered by Clearview, the flexible project-based ERP software purpose-built for the architecture and engineering (A/E) industries, includes new features designed to help A/E firms on the HR, accounting and sales sides of their business.

Announced in late July, the software release includes three notable new features and functionalities that are simple to use and immediately impactful:

  • Enhanced Prospect Management. This web-accessible, mobile-friendly feature is designed to streamline how A/E firms track sales and nurture customer relationships, enabling them to prioritize high-value opportunities in their pipeline. It also gives them new tools to help manage job cost, visualize and track opportunity updates, and manage the entire lifecycle of an opportunity on any device.
  • Line-item web approvals. We’ve added a new web feature to help firms ensure more accurate time and expense entry and readily catch errors prior to billing. The enhancement makes approvals intuitive and natural for managers. And again, it’s accessible from any device.
  • Secure payroll integration. This new feature gives our customers robust integrations with trusted payroll vendors, enabling them to seamlessly transfer data bi-directionally in order to more efficiently run, automate and manage payroll and employee information, reducing HR costs and labor.

“These new features were developed and integrated into Unanet A/E based on customer input,” said Assad Jarrahian, Unanet’s chief product officer. “We are committing to ongoing collaboration with our valued customers so they have the industry’s best tools for managing their businesses at their fingertips.”

The Unanet development team is busy working on additional enhancements to the initial Unanet A/E software release unveiled earlier this year. So keep the feedback coming and stay tuned, because you’ll be the first to know about additional releases as soon as they become available.

In the meantime, find out more about Unanet A/E’s latest feature release here.