Why We Chose Unanet: Sierra7

Part of our ongoing blog series detailing the reasoning behind a firm’s selection of Unanet’s ERP solution over other options.

The firm: Sierra7 (sierra7.com) is a healthcare services and IT consulting firm that works with a variety of major federal and state government agencies including the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Department of Defense and federal civilian agencies. Under its new agreement with Unanet, Sierra7 will implement Unanet’s purpose-built ERP platform to help it operate more efficiently and to give the consulting firm greater insights into project management.

Prior to Unanet, Sierra7 managed their business management processes in other systems. Part of their challenges had arisen when they merged two companies and were then managing them both between Sage and QuickBooks. Closing the books for their 50+ projects every month was difficult, typically taking weeks and putting project managers behind with little ability to plan ahead.

They knew they needed a better long-term solution to consolidate disparate information and streamline business processes: an ERP solution.
When searching for the right ERP, Sierra7 had their need for real-time information and best-in-class customer support top of mind. Early on, Unanet stood out with its advanced functionality and flexibility during both the sales and implementation processes.

“We were impressed with Unanet right off the bat. Their sales team brought in subject matter experts to have the right conversations with us at the right time. Unanet’s implementation process is incredibly flexible, and the team was dedicated to listening to and understanding our unique needs,” said Frank Rendon, chief financial officer, Sierra7. “When we were assessing ERP solutions, support was a key part of our grading criteria, and Unanet’s superior support offerings exceeded those expectations. Unanet’s next-level functionality, product roadmap, training options through Unanet University and support are all why chose the Unanet solution.”

Sierra7 recently went live with Unanet. The Unanet team worked with them to create a custom implementation plan that will accelerate the roll-out of certain features to meet their unique needs while still keeping their planned go-live date.

With Unanet, the Sierra7 team expects to gain time savings and real-time information that will allow them to drive their business forward. They will be able to provide PMs with more robust project and financial tracking, enabling their stakeholders to confidently make strategic decisions.