Why We Chose Unanet: True North Solutions

Part of an ongoing blog series highlighting the decision to select Unanet’s ERP solution over other options.

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The firm: True North Solutions, a growing engineering control system design firm with offices in the U.S. and Canada. True North offers its clients expanded services in cybersecurity, IoT, analytics, commissioning, industrial telecom, electrical, mechanical and process engineering.

True North Solutions previously used various basic and disparate solutions to manage their business, including QuickBooks, Tenrox and homegrown spreadsheets. This worked fine—at first.

The company was growing quickly and it became abundantly apparent that they needed to upgrade to a more comprehensive ERP system that could provide actionable insights, business intelligence, improved reporting and better visibility into project health, resource management and more.

So, how did True North decide on Unanet? Unanet AE’s ease-of-use, service-oriented team, intuitive reporting and analytic capabilities, and overall transparency already set Unanet apart from the other leading ERP providers they assessed, but the benefits didn’t stop there.

Because True North operates internationally, they have unique requirements to meet their overseas clients’ needs. Unanet A/E’s built-in multi-currency and multi-company capabilities will enable them to manage their growing business across borders with simple and seamless accounting and invoicing. Finally, True North’s commitment to honesty, integrity, and providing transparency for their clients align with Unanet’s core values and collaborative team approach.

“As our firm expands, it has quickly become clear we needed improved reporting, project visibility, resource planning and management that simply wasn’t possible with the basic technology tools we currently have implemented,” said Blair Hanel, President, True North Solutions. “Unanet AE will give us reports and dashboards with real-time information so we can easily and quickly track project updates and make decisions based on up-to-date information. And most importantly, as we continue to grow domestically and internationally, we know Unanet AE will scale and expand with us.”

True North expects to roll out Unanet AE to their employees in Denver and Calgary by mid 2021.

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