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AI-Enhanced and Smart Technology

Smart Technology purpose-built for AEC 

We believe in the transformative power of smart technology and AI for business development, marketing, and client engagement. Our mission has always been to use intuitive and people-centered technology for predictive insights and prescriptive actions that drive profitability and growth in your AEC firm. Unanet CRM empowers your teams with today's smart technology and AI while shaping tomorrow together.  

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Win smarter. Build strategy. Engage relationships. 

 Unanet seamlessly connects your people and data through these powerful features today. 


  • Contact detection

    leverages machine learning to identify and extract contact details from Outlook emails, updating Unanet CRM instantly without having to switch applications.

  • Contact enrichment

    intelligently identifies and updates your contacts with the latest information from over 200 public data sources. 

  • Company researcher

    takes a URL and does the research for you, creating a new company record based on its findings.

  • Caller IQ

    gives you real-time insights from Unanet CRM for incoming calls. This removes blind spots, so you're always prepared to pick up the phone.


Predictive insights and prescriptive actions  

We're imagining a world where deep AEC experience and next-gen insights converge to predict your best clients, prescribe more profitable projects, and prevent risks and overruns. 

  • Generate value-driven past project experience

    for SOQs and proposals. 

  • Compile relevant project history and resumes

    No searching required.

  • Pursue the right opportunities

    with AI-generated insights on past project performance. 

  • Strengthen your Go/no-go

    with activity trends and opportunity scores

  • Prepare for meetings and calls

    with AI-assisted pre-reads. 

  • Dedupe and clean your records

    for improved data quality

What can AI do for your AEC firm?

AI helps architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms get the most value out of their historical data and forecasting to look back and forward. We have created a guide to help explain how AI can empower AEC firms with smarter uses of their data and analytics.  

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