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Manage Pipeline

Build your pipeline on strategy, not spreadsheets

Unanet CRM helps you manage and monitor your opportunities with simplified reporting and forecasting. All from the comfort of your Outlook inbox.

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Get everyone on the same page with strategy and forecasting

Grow your business at scale by empowering your seller-doers and BD teams with intuitive tools that help them collaborate, make smarter, data-driven decisions, and win the best business for your AEC firm.

  • Get the right people on the right opportunities

     at the right time.
  • Make Go/no-go decisions

    with confidence and ease
  • Stay ahead

    of your competition
  • Capture the markets

    that align best with your business goals

Key things you can do with Unanet

  • Move opportunities through stages

    with drag-and-drop directly in Outlook. 
  • Monitor opportunity progress

    by automatically capturing email activity, call logs and meeting plans. 
  • Measure opportunity performance

    across staff, divisions and/or firm wide. 
  • Build meaningful account plans

    with details like SWOT analysis and success factors.
  • Coordinate pursuit efforts

    across your resources and teaming partners.
  • Find and identify at-risk or strategic opportunities

    with quick search and flags.
  • Email decision makers automatically

    when an opportunity matches your project criteria.
  • Access in-depth details

    on related projects and pursuits for active opportunities.
  • Uncover past projects and connections

    tied to the project you are pursuing today.
  • Implement best practices and processes

    for Go/no-go with configurable, weighted decision forms and gates.
  • Mitigate potential project risks

    with configurable Red Zone forms for deeper learning.
  • Understand hard and soft backlog, and resource capacity

    for strategic pursuit planning.
  • Beat the RFP

    by tracking potential opportunities.
Analytics & Reporting

Key things you can see with Unanet CRM

Real-time, interactive forecasting metrics at your fingertips.

  • Summary of strategic or at-risk opportunities

  • Visual opportunity funnel tailored for leadership

  • Sales projections versus actuals and business goals over time

  • Detailed win probability analysis

  • Win rate

  • Opportunity stages by personnel, practice and/or firm wide

  • Estimated total cost of pursuit

  • Opportunity value and days in stage

  • My pipeline for individual seller-doers and BD team members

  • Key selection dates

  • Contact associations that are multi-threaded across prospects, clients, competitors, and teaming partners

  • Past project connections and performance


Unanet CRM by Cosential Resources

Unanet CRM by Cosential

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  • Focus more on the strategic growth of your firm
  • Make better decisions on current and future projects
  • Be more competitive because you have accurate information at your fingertips
  • Cut down manual time spent on proposals by up to 75%
  • Stop chasing down your colleagues to get answers to frequently asked questions and data sets
  • Surface your firm’s sustainability certifications to win future projects
  • Strategize how you capture new work for your firm
  • Get a holistic view of the health of your business with real-time updates
  • Manage your business development team’s pursuits and pipeline right from your email or smart phone