Unanet’s Latest ERP Upgrade Enhances Web, Desktop and Mobile Experiences for GovCon and Architecture, Engineering Customers

Unanet’s Latest ERP Upgrade Enhances Web, Desktop and Mobile Experiences for GovCon and Architecture, Engineering Customers

Innovations developed directly from customer feedback, demonstrating commitment to two-way dialogs.

Dulles, VA, April 6, 2021 – Unanet, the leading SaaS project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, today unveiled new features for its industry-leading ERP technology platform purpose-built for government contractors (GovCons), and architecture and engineering (A/E) companies. The enhancements are designed to specifically target the user experience and offer intelligent new functionality to both platforms. Customers get even better tools for real-time data insights, flexibility and the ability to make informed business decisions. Additionally, GovCons can rest assured that their businesses are aligned with the latest compliance requirements.

This is the second major release from Unanet on both its GovCon and A/E platforms this year, further underscoring the company’s commitment to innovating and enhancing its software to ensure customers have the latest technology to meet their ever-changing needs.

“Unanet is the alternative to stagnant ERP that requires customers to adapt their processes to meet their modules instead of the other way around,” said Assad Jarrahian, chief product officer, Unanet. “We understand our customers needed more intuitive and user-friendly dashboards and reports, especially as they move from outdated systems to more dynamic solutions.”

Just last week, Unanet was recognized as a “High Performer” in dozens of categories for its A/E and GovCon solutions in G2’s Spring 2021 Reports, including fastest implementation, highest user adoption, most implementable, easiest setup, best customer support, best relationship, easiest to use, and best usability. The selections were made by end-users, demonstrating the value Unanet’s customers receive and their favorability of the solutions.

For GovCons, Unanet’s new release delivers three primary enhancements: Mobile Time & Expense capabilities, Fixed Asset tracking, and Service Contract support.

  • A new Mobile application allows busy GovCon professionals to input time and expense on their own devices anywhere, anytime, making expense input easy. Supervisors will also be able to approve their employees’ timecards and expense reports from their own mobile devices. Unanet’s mobile applications are high-rated and user-friendly, giving customers best-in-class capabilities. Future improvements include data capture directly from scanned receipts, enabling users to create an expense item in under 30 seconds.
  • A new native Fixed Asset tracking and depreciation solution that calculates and records depreciation expenses to the general ledger, tracks asset in-service dates and locations, and records disposals to complete the asset lifecycle. Unanet’s reports and its unique dashboard make the tool more intuitive and user-friendly than any other on the market.
  • The Service Contract Act (SCA) requires GovCons have the ability to comply with the wage determination in their contracts. Offering advanced SCA support, Unanet will now automatically calculate the correct costs for export to their payroll system, including pay in lieu of benefits. Additionally, complete wage determinations history for each contract is available to support Department of Labor audits.

For A/E customers, Unanet’s new features were designed specifically in response to customer feedback. The newest advancements, including fee functionalities that allow customers to share the cost of merchant fees with their payers, Project Central enhancements for streamlined insights, and a modern, redesigned desktop experience were implemented based on open communications from Unanet A/E customers.

Unanet invites a two-way dialog with its customers to ensure they have the functionality they need to run their businesses. One unique way Unanet is committing to customer engagement is by the launch of an upgraded customer suggestions portal, enabling faster feedback loops to development teams to meet the needs of the customer community more quickly. Customers will benefit from real-time status updates on their suggestions and new unlimited customer voting. All these upgrades position Unanet A/E as the most customer-focused ERP provider in the industry.

“As we continue to focus on new solutions and enhancements, we listen to customer feedback and innovate on new features directly aligned with their requests,” continued Jarrahian. “With these additional capabilities, customers get the benefit of a trusted partner who listens, understands and delivers on their ever-growing needs.”

To learn more about the Unanet new release for GovCon customers, please visit this link. To learn more about the Unanet new release for A/E customers, please click here.

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