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For Business Developers

You set the pace for your firm.

Whether you are a business developer, seller-doer, project manager or firm principal/executive – winning new business is an important part of your job. Unanet CRM is the only growth platform that goes beyond a CRM in owning the pre-sales process for market leaders winning business in the AEC industry.

Unanet CRM by Cosential for Mobile

Feed your team with critical milestone moments while you’re on the go.

  • Create key Contacts on-the-go with a quick business card scan
  • Automatically record Call Logs and create a meeting plan straight from your Contacts
  • Surface and link strategic insights, like LinkedIn profiles or Company pages to a Contact
  • Uncover every record associated with any Company

Unanet CRM by Cosential for Outlook

We meet you where you are.

  • Keep track of upcoming potential work directly from your email with easy pre-populated forms to create a Contact, Company, Opportunity, or Lead.

  • Instantly enhance your records with key information. Pull from over 50 social media sites in a flash to know your Clients and Contacts better.

  • Capture and link vital communication to Unanet CRM, like Call Logs or Emails, with smart auto-associations. Then keep track of your business right on the spot. Manage your pipeline in one fell swoop without leaving your inbox.

  • Move Opportunities through stages without leaving Outlook with an easy drag and drop to edit Opportunity data.

  • Gain quick insight into which of your offices are working together to land an opportunity.

  • Easily identify key, at-risk, or strategic Opportunities with Opportunity flags.


Reports & Dashboards

Keep a constant pulse on the state of your business with strategic and centralized reporting.

  • Display only the data you need in a way that is easy to read by generating reports using multiple filters, sorting, and grouping.
  • Build, customize and save reports for any module, like Opportunities, Projects, and even Grouped Reports.
  • Run reports with simple grid column outputs, visual graphs or export to Excel.
  • Supercharge reporting through easy connection to other analytic tools, like PowerBI.

Gross Margin Calculator

Easily track your revenue and uncover the gross margin tied to each project.

  • Input a dollar or a percentage and let Unanet CRM calculate the rest.

  • Run workflows to make your own calculations.

  • Build complex calculations for your firm’s needs to uncover opportunities based on custom variables.


Unanet CRM

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