Alvine Engineering Innovates with Unanet A/E

Alvine’s philosophy states that the best engineering involves equal parts science, art, and business. Unanet A/E is honored to be a part of that mix.

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We recently had the chance to visit with one of our innovative clients, Alvine Engineering, at their home office in Omaha, Nebraska. Alvine was founded in 1961 as a mechanical and electrical systems design and consulting firm. They are a family-owned company with two generations of expertise in fire protection engineering, architectural lighting design, building commissioning services, technology systems design, and life support systems engineering.

Alvine's philosophy states that the best engineering involves equal parts science, art, and business. Unanet A/E powered by Clearview is honored to be a part of that mix. We are committed to partnering with them to continue enhancing their skills in project management, data analytics and accounting with our modern and flexible, project-based ERP.

Here are a few words Alvine's COO had on the importance of having a powerful platform to run their business:

"I'm Brant Yantzer with Alvine Engineering. I'm the chief operations officer and oversee all daily operations of the firm, from the operational, technology and technical perspective. Alvine Engineering currently has 140 employees with 4 offices and licensed in 49 states across the country with active projects in 36. A robust ERP system is vital to the success of any professional services and design firm in the architecture engineering industry. Access to information about the clients, the design, the technical details, the communications, in a realtime fashion through multiple platforms and devices, is something that we require. This is due to the mobility that is required in order to meet our clients needs, project needs, and to close things out in a method that is clear, crisp, and concise for all parties involved.

One of the things that drew us to the Unanet A/E platform was that of their Organizational Nervous System which we feel is imperative to our success. Not only does their software provide the necessary components that most businesses need, but also allows for the flexibility to move in areas to collect data and information and bring it into the system to transform it into information we require to make better business decision, satisfy our clients, and deliver our technical services. We feel Unanet A/E's platform offers us the opportunity to enhance the experience of not only what we're trying to accomplish, but meet the needs of our clients and design professionals alike."

Unanet A/E is proud to partner with Alvine Engineering on the future of project-based ERP. Their vision for project management and financial excellence as well as efficient training matches our passion for delivering a product that will help them reach these goals.