One-Third of Unanet’s Customers Made the Switch From a Competitor. Here’s Why.

One of the questions we get frequently from customers and prospects alike is, “Why Unanet instead of Deltek?”

We welcome this question each and every time because it gives us a chance to explain why one-third of Unanet’s customers made the switch from Deltek. They tried the competition’s solution, and for some compelling reason, decided our solution would better meet their needs.

The most glaring difference between Unanet and other ERP solutions is that Unanet GovCon was built specifically from the ground, up, for government contractors. Likewise, Unanet A/E was purpose-built for architecture and engineering firms. This means there are no bolt-ons, incompatible features, or awkward forcing of disparate solutions, which is rampant among competitive products. Designing purpose-built software requires an extra level of understanding of customer needs, along with a commitment to developing and refining solutions that actually enable customers to address their business challenges through smart engineering and elegant design.

In short, it’s about walking in our customers’ shoes to understand exactly what they want from an ERP solution.

As one customer, Frontier Technology Inc., learned after making the switch to Unanet from Deltek, purpose-built means their new ERP is more capable at handling business needs and growth. “I have done a lot of enterprise data work, and I can see that the architecture of the Unanet system was done correctly to handle a company like ours with rapid growth,” said Tom Batty, Director of Corporate Staff Operations, Frontier Technology Inc.

Another common reason customers switch to Unanet is the real-time data management and access it offers. Too often solutions that were cobbled together take extra steps, additional credentials, and even require two different systems to find one specific data point. Information doesn’t flow through from one point to another. Unanet’s GovCon and A/E solutions deliver real-time information that’s been completely synthesized automatically, giving companies one single source of truth. This creates incredible efficiencies and saves customers time. Just ask Chantelle Miner, Financial Controller for Magnolia River, who, after her firm made the move to Unanet from Deltek, said, “Having the real-time data makes us so much more efficient. The time that we have saved on invoicing alone has been dramatic.”

Purpose-built software with real-time data are two critical reasons customers made the switch to Unanet, but the third is probably the reason we hear the most: Unanet’s service.

The people of Unanet are dedicated to serving our customers. From your first interaction, to implementation, to training, to ongoing maintenance and updates, Unanet prides itself on treating our customers with friendly, knowledgeable service. Through Unanet University, we provide highly relevant training, market insight, and expertise to keep customers apprised of what’s happening in their industries that may affect things like their financial management, regulations, and human resources. We treat our customers with respect each and every time, and add value in every interaction. David Baker, President of the Rehancement Group, another company that made the switch to Unanet from Deltek, said, “We are no longer at odds with our software provider. We have a true partner who is there to ensure our success.”

Bigger doesn’t mean better…it just means bigger. And in many cases bigger means bloated, unnecessarily complex, and not always attuned to customers. Unanet is 100% dedicated to our customers’ success, with purpose-built software that provides real-time accuracy and insight.

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by Carrie Mahon

May 22, 2020