Why businesses choose Unanet over the legacy provider for their Purpose-Built ERP Software

In rankings of project-based ERP from G2 reviews, the Deltek competitor, Unanet, was rated higher than Deltek in all nine user satisfaction categories.


There’s a reason Unanet ERP GovCon wins 70% of the time when it goes head-to-head with Deltek in vying for a government contractor’s ERP business: because Unanet’s solution is the most secure, easy-to-use, and scalable project-based ERP system on the market today. 

From small government contracting firms with under 50 employees to large ones with more than 1,000 employees, we’ve lately seen a surge in companies switching from Deltek to Unanet. These are organizations whose experience using a Deltek product evidently drove them to seek an ERP solution that would better meet the needs of their business.  

Why Businesses are Choosing one Deltek Competitor 

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight regarding the ERP system they left behind, many of those firms tell us they wished they had chosen a system based on value, fit and track record rather than just on popularity and brand name. In short, they wished they had chosen Unanet right off the bat because the legacy ERP product and vendor ultimately failed to deliver on its promises. So they decided to move on to Unanet, Deltek’s competitor. 

And in the vast majority of those cases, the decision to move from Deltek to Unanet has been vindicated by better outcomes across the board.  

In independent rankings of project-based ERP products from the buyer discovery platform G2 based on user reviews, users rated Unanet ERP GovCon higher than Deltek Costpoint in all nine of G2’s user satisfaction categories:  

  • “Likelihood to recommend”  
  • “Meets requirements”  
  • “User adoption”  
  • “Product going in the right direction”  
  • “Ease of doing business with”  
  • “Quality of support”  
  • “Ease of admin”  
  • “Ease of setup” / “Ease of use”  
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

 The best way to avoid buyer’s remorse when it comes to a key piece of software like an ERP system is to look beyond the legacy products and find a solution and provider that back their promises by delivering value in terms of capabilities, total cost of ownership, customer experience, user engagement, support and product enhancements, year in and year out.  

To find the right software provider, do your due diligence, then evaluate the options based on their ability to check all the right boxes. 


ERP Software Provider Checklist: 

A true partner for the entire ERP journey. The goal is to find an ERP system that grows with your firm over the long run, and that is backed by a provider that serves your firm as a business ally and a trusted advisor. You want a provider that will be there every step of the way, not one that disappears after the sale. To be confident you’re getting the former rather than the latter, be sure to interview prospective providers and poll your peers across the industry.  

A smooth migration experience for customers moving from another ERP system, supported by a team with deep migration experience. The migration team at Unanet has helped hundreds of GovCon firms move their data, systems, and processes from legacy systems like Deltek Costpoint and Deltek GCS. When it comes to converting from Deltek to Unanet, they speak the language and know the process cold. 

A single ERP database and a single version of enterprise-wide truth to scale with a growing firm. One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers about their legacy systems is that they spent way too much time trying to manage data across multiple siloed databases. One of the biggest compliments we get from customers once they have migrated to Unanet ERP GovCon is how nice it is to have a single, trusted firm-wide system for connecting and automating the project lifecycle.  

Real-time insight is a really valuable asset. When project managers and firm decision-makers have ready access to dashboard-based insight and analytics based on real-time data from across the business, the result is timelier, better-informed decisions. 

Designed, developed and supported in the U.S.A. Some ERP providers rely on offshore development and support, making for a less than optimal customer experience. All Unanet solutions are designed, tested, and quality-controlled onshore, right here in the U.S.A., with unlimited world-class support from U.S.-based agents. 

A highly customer-driven product roadmap. Customer feedback is critical to producing continuous innovations that separate the best ERP products from the rest. Look for a provider that actively solicits and acts upon customer feedback via multiple channels — a customer advisory board, a suggestions portal, etc. 

Innovative features and capabilities, purpose-built to grow with your government contracting business. Best-in-class business software providers constantly push the development envelope to fulfill customers’ critical ERP needs. (Here at Unanet, we’ve rolled out a subcontractor management portal, an integrations marketplace, and mobile-forward time and expense tracking tools just in the past couple of years, all with our customers’ business needs top of mind). 

Lower total cost, better cost-control. Calculating the value an ERP system provides goes well beyond upfront cost. The combination of ongoing software management costs, consulting costs, subscription/license fees, and the human resources required to operate the software can burden a firm with a mountain of unexpected costs that turn what seemed like a “good deal” up front into a serious time and resource drain. 

A superior user experience. When evaluating project-based ERP systems for government contractors, how do they stack up in independent, apples-to-apples comparisons based on actual user experience? Here’s where the independent, user-based G2 ratings tell a compelling story — one that clearly favors Unanet over the likes of Deltek. 


The software purchase decisions a government contracting firm makes can reverberate across the business for years, even decades. Our best advice: Do your research, weigh the factors that matter most to your firm and its people, and may the best ERP solution for the job win. 

To learn more about how your business can switch to Unanet, get in touch with our team.