One-Third of Unanet’s Customers Made the Switch From a Competitor. Here’s Why.

Why customers made the choice to switch from Deltek and why we won 70%+ of the time when we were head to head with Deltek.

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“Why Unanet instead of Deltek?” We hear that question a lot from prospects, and we welcome it because it gives us a chance to explain why customers made the choice to switch from Deltek and why we won 70%+ of the time when we were head to head with Deltek.

Here are some of the top reasons they’ve told us they made the switch:

  • Single Platform: One Integrated, purpose-built platform for the entire project lifecycle.
  • Reporting: Greater clarity, control, and insight through real-time, custom reports and dashboards.
  • Compliance: Meet security standards and other compliance criteria with all federal regulations including DCAA.
  • Security:  Integrated capabilities to support the relevant technical requirements including CMMC security regulations.
  • Customer Service: Award-winning and industry-leading customer service is with you every step of the way.
  • Product Updates: Constantly updating solutions to get you where you want to go, faster with a steady and reliable release schedule.
  • Customer-led Innovation: By collaborating with our customers our solutions lead the industry in ease-of-use and accessibility.

These are companies whose experience using a Deltek ERP product evidently drove them to seek an ERP solution that would better meet the needs of their business, whether the decision came down to an issue with the solution functionality, usability, cost, or vendor service and support.

We often hear from former Deltek customers who have found welcome ERP stability, efficiency and partnership with Unanet that there are compelling business reasons to no longer settle for substandard, outdated, legacy software. They realize they have an option to move their business to an ERP that users consistently rank at or near the top of its class in terms of overall quality, ease of implementation and use, customer support, ROI, user engagement and more.

Among firms that switched to Unanet from Deltek, we hear the biggest and most refreshing difference between the two is Unanet’s ability, as a purpose-built solution for GovCon and AEC firms, to readily map to their business processes, workflows and priorities. No clunky bolt-ons or overlays, incompatible features or awkward forcing of disparate solutions. 

And Unanet GovCon pulls off the most difficult of all ERP accomplishments. It combines unparalleled ease of use with comprehensive built-in internal controls and all the compliance features federal contractors require. We call it compliance by design and it’s something new clients tell us they simply were not getting from Deltek.

In comparing ERP systems, there’s no truer measure of quality than user experience. And in independent rankings from the respected buyer discovery platform G2 based on user reviews, Unanet consistently ranks well above Deltek and others in the field in a wide range of categories. In fact, users rated Unanet ERP AE and Unanet ERP GovCon higher than Deltek Vantagepoint and Deltek Costpoint in all nine of G2’s user satisfaction categories. That includes “likelihood to recommend,” “meets requirements,” “user adoption,” “product going in right direction,” “ease of doing business with,” “quality of support,” “ease of admin,” “ease of setup,” “ease of use” and Net Promoter Score (NPS). If you’re not familiar with the NPS metric, it’s a measure of how likely a customer would be to recommend a product or company to someone else. Unanet’s NPS is over 70. And Unanet ERP AE had the shortest payback period (ROI) of any ERP in its class.

The verdict from the people who matter most, actual users of project-based ERP systems, is clear: Unanet ERP solutions are better than Deltek products at satisfying their business needs. Sometimes a company’s best ERP decision is to look beyond the big brand name to a solution that offers more. Unanet ERP solutions are the optimal combination of robust product features and capabilities, innovations that make sense, an outstanding user experience, a high return on investment and truly superior service and support — all from a provider that treats each and every customer as a true business partner. 

No one knows that better than the companies that made the switch to Unanet, whatever their reason and whichever legacy system they replaced. 

For Chantelle Miner, Financial Controller at Magnolia River, a GovCon firm that made the move to Unanet from Deltek, the efficiency gains as a result of the shift have been particularly impactful. “Having the real-time data makes us so much more efficient,” she says. “The time that we have saved on invoicing alone has been dramatic.”

If you’re tired of settling  and you’re ready to explore other options, you’re not alone. Learn more about how these companies made the switch from Deltek to Unanet and haven’t looked back:

Then, if you’re interested in finding out how switching to Unanet can benefit your business, get in touch with our sales team. We’re ready to help!