How ERP Software Can Unlock Better Project Data, Insights, & Growth

Do you have a complete picture of your project data? If your organization is stuck with multiple silos of project data, it’s difficult to access vital decision-making intelligence.

Achieving project excellence takes strategic alignment of people, processes, and tools, which is no easy task. The most successful project-based organizations have learned to harness their project data by putting it into one place: the project-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool.

Our new ebook, The Business of Projects, is a guide to how ERP software can enable project success. This eBook spells out in detail the nature of project-based work, the concept of enterprise resource management, and how organizations capture new business.

Each chapter contains an overview of a key part of the business of projects and how, with the help of an ERP solution, you can open the door to more complete project data, insightful analytics, and greater decision-making.

  • The basics of a project-based ERP
  • Capturing and winning contracts
  • Project management, planning, execution, and analytics
  • Financials tracking
  • Considerations for compliance for government contractors

Download your copy of the ebook here and learn how ERP opens the door to better planning, execution, and financial management through more robust project data.