New ERP & CRM Features Help GovCon and AEC Customers Get Their Business Ahead

Unanet released GovCon 22.3, AE 22.3, and Unanet CRM 22.3, all of which offer enhancements to Unanet’s award-winning platforms.

Unanet’s commitment to continuously upgrading and enhancing its technology is one of the many reasons that almost 75% of customers have come from the competition, and why customers choose Unanet 80% of the time when comparing ERP options. Unanet believes the status quo is never good enough, and strives to deliver on customer feedback continuously.

Your business exists in a dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace, and your project-based ERP needs to keep pace. Adding state-of-the-art mobility, advanced analytics, and integrations with the specific applications your business uses are just some of the ways Unanet is supporting customers’ growth and expansion. We know that when our customers’ businesses succeed, we succeed.

For GovCon, highlights of 22.3 are single sign-on functionality with Google in the mobile app, a new user interface for People Assigner significantly enhancing both the criteria wizard and the grid, new data objects for accruals and loaded rates in Analytics, and a new property to control the default value of the Self-Assign option when creating a new project. Unanet Analytics Studio also gets new Month-End Package Reports that provide automatic presentation-ready views of CXO Scoreboard tiles. Additionally, this release adds Percent Complete Estimation Using Burdened Cost for estimating project completeness for fixed price projects based on all costs, direct and indirect.

For AE, 22.3 brings the power and ease of managing project activities directly to your inbox by syncing task notifications, due dates and more with Outlook. Additionally, we're introducing new insights and key project metrics placed right at your fingertips in Project Central. We've also upgraded project planning to help you fully plan your projects on the go. Unanet AE for Mobile – in addition to time & expense - now offers Secure Sign-On (SSO) and an automated, in-app onboarding experience.

22.3 blog pic

For Business Developers, Seller-Doers, and Marketers, managing opportunities is now easier with new group categorization fields built to mirror your workflow. Additionally, there are now quick jump-to buttons that immediately take you to any potential project insights. Also Unanet CRM for Mobile and Outlook have enhancements to make details tied to opportunities easier to access and customize.

These updates are designed with customers in mind, and are the result of direct feedback from Unanet’s esteemed Customer Advisory Board, as well as regular communication with customer suggestions. Rather than forcing customers to conform to Unanet’s way of doing things, GovCons and AEC customers can rest assured that Unanet will listen to how they do business, and will work to create the ERP systems that help their business succeed.

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