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Planning and Management Tools for GovCon 

Unanet CRM has all the tools business development leaders need to understand their team efforts and coordinate actions to drive maximum growth. Instantly drill into dashboards with all the breadth and depth of data you need from opportunity details, customer relationships, competitive data, teaming communication, and proposal strategies. 

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Make Better Decisions

Insights at a glance, details in a click

Our comprehensive data from every interaction and market intelligence means you can stay up to date without needing many meetings or constant requests for updates from your employees in the field. 

Manage your process

Create a clear vision and stick to it

Unanet combines ease of use with flexible ways to configure your process, gating, and funnel. Align your team on where you want to go and then templated or custom dashboards to keep you focused. 

Create predictability

Manage effectively

Unified data and tools for automating tasks and workflows means you can spend your time on relationships and create more human connections. Unanet helps you create alerts for key activities and our Outlook integration and Mobile app make it really easy to for every employee to provide critical data without missing a beat. 


Key things you can do with Unanet CRM

  • Outlook and Mobile

    Our Unanet CRM mobile app and Outlook plugin lets you quickly add contact details, access relationship intel, note new rumors and opportunities, add reminders for future activities, and more. All from tools you already use.

  • Purpose-built

    Unanet CRM is project-based and purpose-built for the GovCon industry with built-in configurable options and custom fields to meet the unique needs of our industry. 
  • Simple Integrations for Intelligence and ERP

    Gather the best data in your Market Intel tool of choice and add to your CRM in one click. Connect easily to your ERP to combine project performance data insights with your current pipeline and make better decisions to protect your margin. .
  • Intelligent Alerts

    Setup rules and automatically understand how an opportunity might land at your company and predict your revenue accordingly.
  • Interactive dashboards

    Understand YOUR funnel every day with powerful analytics that are configurable. Multiple tabs are available for different views of the business, and trend analysis help you iterate and improve.

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Unanet CRM for GovCon

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  • Focus more on the strategic growth of your firm
  • Make better decisions on current and future projects
  • Be more competitive because you have accurate information at your fingertips
  • Cut down manual time spent on proposals by up to 75%
  • Stop chasing down your colleagues to get answers to frequently asked questions and data sets
  • Surface your firm’s sustainability certifications to win future projects
  • Strategize how you capture new work for your firm
  • Get a holistic view of the health of your business with real-time updates
  • Manage your business development team’s pursuits and pipeline right from your email or smart phone