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Create winning proposals 70% faster 

A great proposal needs to be comprehensive AND differentiated to stand out. Unanet CRM helps you build the best proposals by leveraging unified data, professional templates, and a wide variety of documents to make winning proposals easier.

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Modern and easy to use for everyone

Get your project teams on board with an intuitive solution that eveyone will adopt.

  • Quickly find information

    Comb through past performance, resumes, and past proposals to draft proposals quickly. Collaborate with your key team members easily using Unanet as your central hub.

  • Automate tasks

    Create new resumes and project briefs using relevant data from your CRM that is routed into approved templates in Word or InDesign easily and quickly.

  • Collaborate efficiently

    Proposals can be critical bottlenecks with seemingly endless data collection, reviews, approvals, and iterations. Operating efficiently means every team member needs to be aligned on what to create, review, and approve and when. Unanet makes this easy with alerts, custom forms, and tools to enhance collaboration.


Key things you can do with Unanet CRM

  • Purpose-built

    Gather the best data in your Market Intel tool of choice and add to your CRM in one click. Connect easily to your ERP to combine project performance data insights.

  • Document Repository

    Collect, edit, share, and compile proposals from the latest and greatest content.

  • Publishing tools

    Autofill new resumes and briefs using latest project and personnel data directly from your system of record.

  • Template Library

    Accelerate submissions with adjustable templates out of the box – or add your own for RFP, win strategies, statements of qualification, case studies, profiles, and more.

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  • Focus more on the strategic growth of your firm
  • Make better decisions on current and future projects
  • Be more competitive because you have accurate information at your fingertips
  • Cut down manual time spent on proposals by up to 75%
  • Stop chasing down your colleagues to get answers to frequently asked questions and data sets
  • Surface your firm’s sustainability certifications to win future projects
  • Strategize how you capture new work for your firm
  • Get a holistic view of the health of your business with real-time updates
  • Manage your business development team’s pursuits and pipeline right from your email or smart phone