Why We Chose Unanet: Melwood, Inc. 

Part of an ongoing blog series highlighting the decision to select Unanet’s ERP solution over other options.

The firm: A D.C.-area nonprofit that supports children, youth and adults with differing abilities to work and play where and how they choose. Melwood, Inc. provides employment, job training, life skill improvement, supportive and recreational services to more than 2,000 people with differing abilities each year. 

To continue its mission and impact of helping train, employ and empower people with differing abilities, Melwood needed a solution to efficiently manage their projects and other operations. 

When searching for the right software, Melwood looked for an all-in-one solution that would allow them to streamline their processesand provide a people-centered support team that truly understood their unique needs and operations. 

According to Greg Arteen, Melwood’s Vice President of the Information Systems Group, “With so many of our team members working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19, it was important to us that we streamline our processes without disrupting the normal course of business in order to help our employees stay focused on what matters – keeping our federal workforce safe by providing them clean and sanitized workspaces so they continue doing the work of the nation.” 

Melwood will leverage Unanet’s ERP for a variety of important compliance functions including DCAA Compliance and SCA/CBA labor costing, and will also leverage Unanet’s contract management, finance and inventory functions, among others.  

Melwood will also use Unanet Connect, the industry’s first and only open ERP integration platformto incorporate Melwood's existing timekeeping software with UnanetMelwood employees frequently rely on punch clocks for timekeeping, rather than complex web or mobile applications, and by integrating Unanet with Melwood’s existing timekeeping functions, Melwood can easily maintain its existing procedures while more efficiently managing the outcomes.