Quick Tips to Improve your Go/No-Go Assessment

Quick tips that can help you make more informed decisions in your Go/No-Go strategy.

Quick Tips to Improve your Go/No-Go Assessment

When designing your Go/No-Go process, it's helpful to leverage the metrics you’re already tracking like relationship strength, competitive analyses, teaming partners, internal resources, hit rates, etc. to make more strategic decisions on which projects to chase.

These questions will guide you toward building a Go/No-Go form to identify your firm's winnable projects:

Go/No Go Process

  • Is the project in alignment with our Core Values?
  • Do we have the staff available to take on the project?
  • Do we have the marketing resources available?
  • Is this a strategic owner, client, or prospect?
  • Do we offer all the services in-house or do we have to contract them out?
  • What is our relationship like with the client?
  • Are we prepositioned for the RFP?
  • What is the client payment activity like?
  • Characterize our competitors’ relationships with the client?
  • Is the contract with a developer or any other entity other than the owner?
  • Is the project funded?
  • Is a bid bond required or surety letter required?
  • What are the project's risk elements (i.e. schedule penalties)?

If you’re using Unanets Go/No-Go functionality, you may want to add a workflow that alerts all necessary parties.

  • Notify leaders if the score is too low so they can decide whether the project should be pursued
  • Staff can be alerted when the score passes a certain threshold to take on next steps
  • If the score is too high, leaders can be notified to confirm that the form was filled out accurately

We hope these quick tips can help you make more informed decisions in your Go/No-Go strategy. Our clients have reported an increased hit rate and decrease in wasted resources after implementing a successful Go/No-Go process.

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